Encelium PCDM - Phase-Cut Dimming Module


Wired Phase-Cut Dimming Module

The Phase-Cut Dimming Module (PCDM) provides an interface between the phase-cut dimmable (forward- and reverse-phase) ballasts/LED drivers and the Encelium X Light Management Systems. The PCDM is automatically addressed as soon as it is connected to the GreenBus network. Individually addressable, the PCDM enables each group or zone of fixtures to be independently controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility.

The PCDM is designed to control popular load types such as Incandescent/Halogen lamps, Fluorescent ballasts, LED luminaires, and LED/CF lamps. The phase-cut dimmable fixtures connected to a PCDM can then be controlled by any of the Encelium wall station controllers, Touch Screen Panels, or from Polaris software through the GreenBus network. The PCDM has a built-in relay that provides ON/OFF switching control, in addition, to smoothly dimming the fixtures.


  • Allows adjusting light levels to respond to variable lighting requirements
  • Enables scheduling luminaire group operation to lower energy use during off-peak occupancy
  • Provides customized lighting scenes for tailored experiences and tasks
  • Allows adjustment of luminaire group assignments for modified space layouts

Distributed Load Controllers