For more than two decades, Encelium has been synonymous with advanced lighting control solutions that are simple to install and intuitive to use.

Our Encelium X Advanced Lighting Control System integrates all of the elements you need to control and manage light — and more — quickly and easily.

Here are just some of the reasons why lighting designers, specifiers, electrical contractors, and system users choose Encelium:

The X Is for Exceptional

Encelium X, our latest lighting control system, brings the most comprehensive capabilities yet — all with remarkable flexibility and reliability.
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Our Smart Architecture

Our architecture integrates advanced technology, from the lightning-fast DALI network to our innovative GreenBus two-wire communication topology. And you can choose the system design that’s right for you, including wireless, wired, or hybrid.
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Our Luminaire-Agnostic Approach

Encelium has always had a luminaire-agnostic approach that lets you choose the luminaires that you want — then we integrate them easily with Encelium X.

We Work Well with Others

Encelium X integrates with key building systems, expanding the level of control beyond lighting to include temperature control, shading, and much more.

Powerful Polaris Software

Polaris software delivers the capabilities of Encelium X and enables The Encelium Experience. Polaris Monitor and Polaris Config bring new innovations and ease-of-use to busy facility managers.
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Our Broad Portfolio

Sensors, interfaces, load controllers, integration — our comprehensive product portfolio has them all, and more.
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Explore The Encelium Experience

Learn more about how we make advanced lighting controls remarkedly simple.


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