Encelium brings you advanced lighting management where you work, collaborate, play, heal, learn, shop, and more. We’re all about technology, but we focus on people first — listening to their problems and coming up with great solutions. We don’t just make life better for tenants and occupants. We enhance the experience of anyone who installs, controls, or uses interior lighting. That’s The Encelium Experience.

We make buildings better — a lot better.

When you walk into one of the thousands of buildings that rely on Encelium, you’ll find bright, comfortable spaces that are ideal for working and learning. You’ll see beautiful light tuned to the needs of building occupants. You’ll notice how efficient the lighting is — dimming to harvest daylight, automatically turning off lights in unused areas, and continually adapting light to meet evolving needs. And you’ll see that we make it remarkably easy to control and adjust light.


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We save time,
money, and more.

But what you don’t see is just as important. Automation that saves time. Energy efficiency that lowers costs and environmental impact. Meticulous design that boosts reliability while reducing maintenance. And compliance with even the strictest building codes, no matter where.


We’re committed to helping you achieve your mission.

Our customers often cite how available and helpful our team members are — not just during the initial stages of an installation, but year after year. We solve problems, answer questions, and help you get the best possible results with your Encelium solution. And we’ll be there when you need us. Always.

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