GreenBus by Encelium


The easiest wired lighting communication architecture to specify and install

The GreenBus ceiling/surface mount range of networked sensors combines passive infrared (PIR) and photocell sensing in a single compact form factor.

GreenBus™ by Encelium is a communication architecture technology designed specifically for controlling thousands of luminaires in a building that also integrates peripheral devices such as occupancy sensors, photosensors, relay-based controls, switch packs, and low-voltage wallstations and touchscreens into a complete, programmable lighting control system.

What is unique about GreenBus?

GreenBus is a Class 2 network, which provides low voltage power to all devices on the network eliminating the need for external power supplies and power packs for devices such as occupancy sensors and keypads. The NEC defines a Class 2 circuit as that portion of the wiring system between the load side of a Class 2 power source and the connected equipment. Due to its power limitations, a Class 2 circuit is considered safe from a fire initiation standpoint and provides acceptable protection from electrical shock.

GreenBus allows flexible daisy chain wiring topologies and the ability to add luminaires or control devices in-circuit at any time. Different devices may be connected randomly on the network and special termination of each network channel is not required. Automatic addressing of individual nodes during system commissioning simplifies installation by eliminating the need to pre-address devices or record serial numbers during the process.

How does it work?

Each Wired Manager – GreenBus features eight GreenBus communication channels and typically controls 100 devices per channel – up to a total of 800 devices total per manager. Additional wired managers can connect and scale a system to a maximum of 30,000 devices.

GreenBus is a two-wire communication topology for supplying data and power to the system. Each luminaire, sensor, and wall controller is daisy-chained back to the Encelium Wired Manager – GreenBus using pre-terminated “click & go” GreenBus communication cabling. Encelium Wired Manager-GreenBus typically control individual floors and are linked via an Ethernet Network. Internet or LAN connection allows floorplan-based control software to be operated anywhere on the network.

The GreenBus communication network is created using two pre-terminated 18 AWG conductors. GreenBus is a Class 2, polarity independent communication bus that connects to the Encelium X Light Management System. The maximum connected length of wiring is 2,500 ft. per channel. A standard, pre-terminated 20-foot GreenBus cable length is available as well as a 1,000-foot bulk spool.

A GreenBus Circuit Tester is available to provide installers piece of mind that all device connections within a GreenBus channel are correct.


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