Encelium Wireless Sensor - Ceiling Mount


GreenBus Wired Sensors

The GreenBus Sensor family of ceiling/surface mount sensors provides a range of networked sensor solutions for applications with finished ceilings (e.g. ceiling tiles, sheetrock, plaster). They combine passive infrared (PIR) and photocell sensing in a single compact form factor. 

The GreenBus Sensor family is available with several lens options, providing flexibility for multiple mounting heights and coverage pattern requirements. 

This sensor family easily connects to the Encelium X Light Management System through a GreenBus cable with standard 2-pin connectors, features toolless mounting options for easy installation, and provides masking options to maximize control flexibility. 

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  • Available in three coverage options: 450 sq. ft., 1500 sq. ft., and high-bay
  • Multiple mounting options available including magnetic mount on T-bar
  • Enables contractors to quickly test wired installations
  • Use in wireless installations for a battery-less solution