Introducing the Encelium GreenBus Sensor

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Sensors are fundamental to any space, whether it is a classroom in schools, patient rooms in hospitals, or a conference room in an office. They detect occupancy and trigger the desired lighting and monitor the level of light and regulate dimming. In all cases, they play a pivotal role in reducing energy consumption and providing comfort and safety to occupants.

For example, typical codes mandate occupancy/vacancy sensing to turn lights on when occupants are in an area and off when they vacate. Moreover, they also involve daylight harvesting techniques that require the sensing of visible light. It is also possible for other building systems like a Building Management System (BMS) to optimize energy consumption such as HVAC adjustments throughout the building by leveraging the occupancy sensor’s data.

The GreenBus Sensor

A Sensor Family with Infinite Possibilities

Encelium - Wireless Occupancy SensorsThe new GreenBus Sensor family from Encelium brings a powerful combination of hardware and software capabilities designed to deliver high-performance functions in various applications. In addition, it streamlines installation, allows fast validation of functionality on the spot, quickly enables basic lighting controls, and allows easy settings adjustment.

Faster install time saves you labor costs

The GreenBus Sensor family builds on our revolutionary GreenBus technology that combines power delivery and digital communication into a single 2-wire connection where devices wire in a daisy-chain from the Encelium Wired Manager. The sensor’s low-voltage wiring scheme permits less install material (j-box, conduit, wire nuts, etc.), and the magnetic mounting dramatically lowers the install time. A typical wired K-12 school project designed to meet IECC 2015 electrical code can benefit from a savings of up to 15% (material and labor) with the GreenBus Sensor compared to conventional solutions.

Encelium GreenBus Sensor

Simplified installation predictable outcome

The polarity and input/output independent capabilities of GreenBus prevent any possible miswiring during installation, allowing installers to move quickly.

One sensor, dual-sensing

Bringing the core capability of the wireless ceiling sensors to the wired system, the GreenBus Sensor combines passive infrared (PIR) and photocell technologies into a single compact form factor. It is available in multiple applications choices — 450 Standard Range, 1500 Extended Range, and Highbay provides flexibility for mounting heights and coverage pattern requirements.

Allows wireless without batteries

Encelium’s wireless system provides the ultimate flexibility and reliability for small areas to ambitious large-scale deployments. The built-in GreenBus technology in the wireless load controllers eliminates the need for batteries in sensors and keypads by delivering power and communication.

Encelium GreenBus Sensor

Ladder-less adjustments — just click and done 

With the core software capabilities of the Encelium X platform, sensor adjustments are seamless and considerably faster. With timeout and sensitivity adjustments within the Encelium Polaris software, contractors do not need to return to the site for multiple days to manually adjust the sensors in every area. For the long-term, as the area may involve reconfiguration, adjustments to sensor coverage are easily made by on-premise staff.

The Sensor for today and tomorrow

The GreenBus Sensor is designed to be easily installed, configured, and used for a multitude of installation applications. Its ability to understand occupancy (PIR) and daylight levels (Photocell) in a space and allowing sensor data to enhance the capabilities of other building systems — the GreenBus Sensor will provide valuable capabilities today and well into the future.

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