One of the great strengths of Encelium X is that it lets you choose the system design that works best for your specific project.

Wireless System: Flexible and Reliable

We provide the industry’s most robust, secure, and reliable wireless lighting controls system for diverse projects — from small areas to ambitious large-scale deployments. Wireless controls are inherently easier and faster for electrical contractors to install since they don’t have to pull wires from device to device. It’s ideal for retrofits and new construction.

Wired System: Smart and Simple

For those who prefer a wired system, we’ve made ours as advanced and simple as possible. We take the work out of wiring with our innovative GreenBus two-wire communication topology, which supplies power and data to the Encelium system. GreenBus technology makes wired projects fast and error-free since it’s extremely intuitive to install.

Hybrid System: Freedom of Choice

In some installations, it may make sense to use a hybrid system design that combines wired and wireless technologies in one installation. For example, you may want to add a wireless floor or building to an existing wired project. Or different tenants within a building may have a preference for wired or wireless. For these situations and more, we offer unequaled expertise in creating reliable hybrid solutions. And thanks to built-in GreenBus technology, our hybrid solutions eliminate the need for batteries in sensors and keypads, maximizing convenience and flexibility.