Building a More Sustainable Future with Cleantech

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Cleantech Leader Digital Lumens, Inc. Helps Corporations Consume Less Energy, Cut Carbon Output, Conserve Valuable Resources — and Hit CO2 Reduction Targets

While more than 90 percent of executives think sustainability is important, only 60 percent have a sustainability strategy, according to a recent Forbes article. In short, there’s often a significant gap between good intentions and tangible action. Digital Lumens, Inc. helps a wide range of customers — from educational institutions to industrial facilities — bridge that gap with clean technology (or cleantech) solutions that turn sustainability promises into impressive results. For customers that are already using renewable energy resources (e.g., solar, wind, or hydropower), Digital Lumens, Inc. ensures that these precious resources are consumed as efficiently and wisely as possible. And it helps its customers achieve success with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Its two brands, Digital Lumens and Encelium focus on different sectors of the marketplace but share a common goal — to reduce energy use, reduce carbon, and boost sustainability via innovative technology and smarter management.

Digital Lumens: Improving energy efficiency and reducing waste

Digital Lumens helps thousands of industrial facilities around the world operate at peak performance — optimizing workplaces for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Along with operational efficiency gains, these facilities benefit from significant energy savings and reduced waste of resources.

An award-winning innovator with a long history in Cleantech

Recognizing Digital Lumens’s sustained excellence in clean technology, the Cleantech Group — a leading global research and advisory firm focused on innovation in energy and the environment — inducted it into its Global Cleantech Hall of Fame in 2017. Previously, Digital Lumens spent seven years on the prestigious Global Cleantech 100 list of top cleantech companies with the highest potential to make a significant market impact. Since then, Digital Lumens has continued to expand its impressive portfolio of cleantech solutions.

The solutions begin with intelligent LED luminaires and advanced lighting controls, which reduce energy use via task tuning, progressive dimming, daylight harvesting, and other automated strategies. Its SiteWorx® Facility Insights Application Suite and an array of smart devices help industrial customers be more sustainable by metering utilities, monitoring their entire facility, and observing critical areas. Tighter control of key processes and critical zones within their facilities keeps employees safe and operations more sustainable.

Gathering meaningful data

SiteWorx solutions enable facility managers to take a careful look at all aspects of an industrial facility, from machinery to occupancy, targeting areas for improvement. For example, SiteWorx Sense can monitor how electricity, water, and other utilities are being consumed, identifying waste so that it can be reduced or eliminated, and cutting costs while using valuable resources more wisely. It also monitors factors that contribute to Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS), including temperature, humidity, air quality, airborne particles, gas sensors, and much more. Conditions out of the norm trigger alerts, allowing for immediate remediation, while long-term data can be used for sustainability reporting.

Turning data into accurate, up-to-date reporting

By carefully monitoring processes, occupancy, and environmental conditions, SiteWorx can address the biggest challenge that corporations face when committing to sustainability — data acquisition and reporting. SiteWorx applications provide a steady stream of detailed, meaningful data. And through its SiteWorx Analyze capability, SiteWorx provides automatic, detailed reporting, as well as with the SiteWorx Savings Dashboard and its built-in savings calculators will chart key metrics, including metric tons of CO2 saved, barrels of oil saved, total site energy savings created by LED lighting, and lighting control strategies, tree seedlings planted, and other impacts.

More than 90% of all SiteWorx users rely on the built-in Savings Dashboard and calculators to provide meaningful data reporting for their corporate initiatives. These automatic calculators are based on US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Since SiteWorx was introduced, customers have eliminated more than a quarter of a million metric tons of CO2 in lighting energy savings alone.

Encelium: Reducing energy use by controlling and managing light

For more than two decades, Encelium has been helping healthcare facilities, office buildings, educational institutions, and commercial properties achieve two intertwined goals — making lighting more efficient and reducing energy use. After all, lighting remains a major source of energy use. Encelium X, Encelium’s robust light management solution, helps facilities reduce energy use with advanced lighting controls that do much more than turn off lights when employees aren’t around.

Creating a clear record of energy reduction

Encelium X boosts energy efficiency with smart lighting strategies such as daylight harvesting, which enables offices to meld natural and artificial light seamlessly, reducing energy use while ensuring occupant comfort. It automates and simplifies light management, even when schedules are flexible. For example, occupancy sensors and time-scheduled events turn on lights automatically. And detailed historical reporting provides a clear record of energy reductions, so users can chart their progress toward meeting sustainability targets.

The energy reductions don’t stop with lighting. The Encelium system is BTL-certified to ensure seamless integration with building management systems (BMS). By sharing occupancy data, it enables HVAC systems to optimize performance during normal operation — and perform variable load shedding to save energy during peak periods. All automatically, and while ensuring tenant comfort.

Delivering data that shows sustainability

To help businesses achieve real progress in sustainability, Digital Lumens, Inc. offers sophisticated cleantech solutions that can be implemented easily — and that get fast results. With clear, accurate reporting, they get tangible proof that their strategies and initiatives are achieving results, now and in the future. After all, sustainability is more than a word — it’s an ongoing process. Cleantech solutions from Digital Lumens, Inc. continue to add new innovations and capabilities that make sustainability a reality, now and far into the future.

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