Introducing the Wireless Controlled Receptacle

Sep 15, 2022  |  Share

Encelium continues to enhance the Encelium X Advanced Lighting Control system with the introduction of the Wireless Controlled Receptacle (WCR)The WCR is a wireless plug load-controlled receptacle — the perfect “smart plug” for ON/OFF control for lamps, appliances, and electronic loads of up to 15A. The WCR is ideal for use in place of traditional wall receptacles with the added benefit of no additional control wiring required.

The Encelium Wireless Controlled Receptacle (WCR)

WCR works seamlessly with Encelium X wireless or hybrid systems and can be used to meet energy code requirements for IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 space/area control, dimming, manual-ON/OFF, occupancy/vacancy control, and automatic shutoff requirements.

The WCR also helps prevent “standby” or “vampire” loads, which can waste energy by continuing to draw electricity when the device appears to be OFF. Products not in use or on standby account for as much as 25 percent of total electrical consumption in commercial buildings. Examples include task lighting, computers, monitors, cell phone chargers, A/V equipment, and other electronic devices that can be switched OFF at night without causing harmful consequences.

The WCR has two distinct outlets – the top outlet is always on, and the bottom outlet is wirelessly controlled. Available in white color, the WCR has a tamper-resistant design and aesthetically fits with other standard receptacles.

Learn more at the WCR Product Page.