Encelium ALC - Area Lighting Controller


Wired Area Lighting Controller

The Area Lighting Controller (ALC) provides a high-power switching and dimming interface between a group of luminaires and the GreenBus communication network. Individually addressable with the Encelium X Networked Light Management System, the ALC switches a single wired zone of multiple luminaires ON or OFF via an integral high current relay while setting the zone’s overall light level with a 0-10V dimming output wired to the fixtures’ dimming ballasts or LED drivers.

The ALC’s dimming output is fully isolated and suitable for installation as either an NEC Class 2 or Class 1 circuit. The ALC is able to switch and dim many LED luminaires with 0-10V drivers compliant to the IEC 60929 Annex E standard. The ALC can switch an entire circuit of electrical loads and is suitable for general-purpose plug load control. It replaces the need for standard power relays or switch packs.

A special damp-rated Area Lighting Controller is available for installations in locations subject to moderate degrees of moisture. Examples of this type of environment may include basements, parking garages, barns, and cold-storage warehouses as well as partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, and roofed open porches.


  • Adjusts light levels to respond to variable lighting requirements
  • Enables scheduling luminaire group operation to lower energy use during off-peak occupancy
  • Customizing lighting scenes for tailored experiences/tasks
  • Allows adjustment of luminaire group assignments for modified space layouts

Distributed Load Controllers