Encelium WALC - Wireless Area Lighting Controller


Wireless Area Lighting Controller

The Encelium Wireless Area Lighting Controller (WALC) allows a group of luminaires to communicate with the Encelium X Wireless Manager or Encelium X Lighting Controller over a mesh network based on Zigbee® standards.

These individually addressable devices can switch an electrical load up to 20A or a wired zone of multiple luminaires ON or OFF via an integrated high-current relay while setting the zone’s overall light level with a 0-10V dimming output wired to the luminaires’ LED drivers or dimming ballasts. The WALC 0-10V dimming output is fully isolated and suitable for installation as either an NEC Class 2 or Class 1 wiring.

Encelium offers a damp-rated WALC Module for installation in locations subject to moderate degrees of moisture. Examples of this type of environment may include basements, parking garages, barns, and cold storage warehouses as well as partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, and porches with open roofs.


  • Control for 0-10V dimmable and fixed output LED drivers/ballasts
  • This wireless system can connect to GreenBus wired devices to eliminate the need for batteries
  • A Terminal block included for direct sensor connection
  • Enables wireless control for loads up to 20A

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