ZC Wallstation 3 Zone and 6 Zone

ZC Series Wallstations

Multi-Zone Control Wireless Wallstations

The Encelium ZC Zone Controller Wallstation series is a multi-zone Wallstation that offers software configurable lighting control that provides ON/OFF switching for multiple lighting zones. It is generally located at entry points to a floor or department and is used to activate or de-activate a lighting zone. The zone status is indicated by an LED display with white indicating ON and blue indicating OFF.

The ZC Wireless Wallstations with integrated LED indicators are available in a range of configurations for customized light level control. Wireless Wallstations enable convenient control and desired lighting levels by communicating user inputs to an Encelium Wireless Manager or Controller over a mesh network based on Zigbee® standards.

Wireless Wallstations obtain their operating power from either two AA or four AAA alkaline batteries. They are intended to be installed onto a wall surface, or electrical box with functionality options dependent on the model installed.


  • The sleek, aesthetic designs are suitable for all interior locations
  • Available in both Wireless and Wired versions with simple installation with tool-less mounting
  • Setup and monitoring via Polaris software with easy mapping/re-mapping
  • Wireless version has a 10-year battery life with automatic battery monitoring via Polaris software

User Interfaces