Encelium PBC - Push Button Coupler


Wireless Push Button Coupler

The Encelium Wireless Push Button Coupler (WPBC) enables convenient control of light levels and works with the Encelium Light Management System.

The WPBC is a binary input device for installation in flush-mounted boxes. The device is powered by a mains connection and an integral part of the Encelium System.

The WPBC has 4 input channels for potential-free contacts. Either switches or push buttons can be connected. Each button (input) on the WPBC is field configurable to suit the desired control scheme in the installed space.

This includes commands such as:

  • Turn On or Turn Off
  • Dim Up or Dim Down
  • Recall Scene
  • Toggle On/Off
  • Changing and recall of color temperature


  • Active ZigBee Mesh device (repeater function)
  • Mains powered (no batteries)
  • Up to 4 buttons connected and configurable
  • Easy and versatile installation and wiring with color-coded wires

User Interfaces