SC Wallstation - 3 Scene and 5 Scene

SC Series Wallstations

Scene Dimming Wallstations

The Encelium SC Scene Dimming Wallstation series is a multi-scene, single-zone dimming Wallstation that provides customized light level control in areas such as boardrooms, conference rooms, private offices, and other areas requiring architectural dimming.

The SC Series allows the user to select pre-programmed light levels or “scenes” with the push of a button. Scene configuration can be changed via Polaris Software.

The SC Series Wireless Wallstations with integrated LED indicators are available in a range of configurations for customized light level control. Wireless Wallstations enables convenient control and desired lighting levels by communicating user inputs to an Encelium Wireless Manager or Controller over a mesh network based on Zigbee® standards. Wireless Wallstations obtain their operating power from either two AA or four AAA alkaline batteries. They are intended to be installed onto a wall surface or electrical box with functionality options dependent on the model installed.

The SC Series Wired Wallstations are low-voltage and connect to the Encelium X Light Management System through a DALI or GreenBus cable.


  • The sleek, aesthetic designs are suitable for all interior locations
  • Available in both Wireless and Wired versions with simple installation with tool-less mounting
  • Setup and monitoring via Polaris software with easy mapping/re-mapping
  • Wireless version has a 10-year battery life with automatic battery monitoring via Polaris software

User Interfaces