Encelium Industrial Push Button


Industrial Push Button Wallstation

The Industrial Push Button (INDPB) is a single-zone, wall-mounted user interface that provides local on/off control over a lighting zone. Utilizing a standard single-gang junction box form factor in a rugged stainless steel housing, connect to the Encelium X Light Management System through a GreenBus cable with standard 2-pin connectors.

Wireless installation is possible with the use of tethering to either a WCM or WALC (available with Encelium X).

The INDPB is easily set-up and modified through the Encelium Polaris software interface.

Where lighting zones are controlled by a time schedule (rather than by occupancy sensors), the INDPB also allows for manual override of the time schedule by simply “re-activating” the zone about to be shut down. During shut down mode, the INDPB faceplate will alternately flash blue and white LEDs to indicate to occupants that an override is necessary.

In addition, a special Damp-Rated INDPR is available for installations in interior locations subject to moderate degrees of moisture such as basements, above-ground parking garages, barns, and cold-storage warehouses as well as partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, and open-roofed porches.


  • Locate at entry points to a zone or department to activate or de-activate a lighting zone
  • Single-gang form-factor in a rugged stainless steel housing. Provides zone status on the faceplate with a white LED display indicating ON and blue indicating OFF.
  • Wireless installation with tethering to either a WCM or WALC available with Encelium X
  • Easily set-up and modified through Polaris software

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