High Bay Sensor

High Bay stand-alone motion sensors with switching contact

The HIGH BAY sensor is a stand-alone motion sensor with switching contact, suitable for use with up to 15 ECGs.

It detects the movement of people between 3 and 10 meters, and vehicle movement between 3 and 13 meters. You can adjust the switch-off delay to between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, and this sensor has a maximum consumption in standby mode of just 0.25 W.

Its tall installation height makes HIGH BAY good for use in industrial lighting applications, such as production halls, and you can install it with a mounting adapter if required. HIGH BAY may give you energy savings of up to 35 %, compared to manual switching.



  • Motion sensor with switching contact 3 to 10 m: detection of motion by people
  • 3 to 13 m: detection of vehicle movement (e.g. fork lift truck)
  • Adjustable switch-off delay: 30 s to 20 min