High-Bay and Vision Sensor

Ceiling Mount Sensors and DALI Coupler

The High-Bay and Vision Sensors are ceiling mount occupancy sensors that can be easily integrated into a DALI system.

The High Bay Sensor is a motion sensor ideal for industrial lighting applications, such as production halls. Whereas, the VISION Sensor is ideal for large areas such as open-plan offices, corridors and storage rooms.

Both sensors can be used with the Encelium X Light Management System using a DALI High Bay Coupler. Daylight sensing can also be achieved by using the DALI High Bay Coupler.


  • Motion sensor with switching contact 3 to 10 m: detection of motion by people
  • 3 to 13 m: detection of vehicle movement (e.g. fork lift truck)
  • Adjustable switch-off delay: 30 s to 20 min