HF LS LI Sensor

Ideal for use with the DALI Pro HF LS LI Sensor Coupler, this light and presence sensor is designed for luminaire installation or attachment, including IP-protected light fittings.

The HF LS LI provides presence detection via an active radar sensor element and has an adjustable motion detection range. The light sensor works between 20 and 800 lx (measured at the sensor) and the unit has an integrated infrared remote control receiver.

You connect it with a polarity-reversal-protected 4p4c socket (RJ 10). The HF LS LI has a mounting height of 2 to 13 meters, which makes it suitable for use in industrial lighting applications, such as corridor lighting control in logistics centers and factory halls, and generally for areas with high ceilings.

The HF LS LI benefits include a V(λ) corrected light sensor element, and individual activation/deactivation via remote control.


  • Light and presence sensor for luminaire installation or attachment
  • Motion detection range adjustable
  • Integrated infrared remote control receiver
  • Easy integration to DALI Pro with the DALI Pro HF LS LI Sensor Coupler