Light and Presence Luminaire Integrated Sensor

The DALI HF LS LI is a High-Frequency Light Sensing Luminaire Integrated Sensor and Coupler designed to incorporate light and presence sensing control of your DALI luminaire into the Encelium X Lighting Control System.

The HF LS LI Sensor includes both a light and a presence sensor which utilize an active radar element, allowing a wide range of mounting heights, from 2 to 13 m (6.6 to 43 ft).

The HF LS LI Sensor is used with a DALI HF LS LI Coupler, which connects the sensor to your DALI network. Both pieces come equipped to integrate into your luminaire.

If independent mounting is preferred, a separate ceiling integration kit (ECO CI Kit) is available for purchase.


  • Light and presence sensor for luminaire installation or attachment
  • Motion detection range adjustable
  • Integrated infrared remote control receiver
  • Easy integration to DALI Pro with the DALI Pro HF LS LI Sensor Coupler