Encelium DCII - Dry Contact Input Interface


Dry Contact Input Interface

The Dry Contact Input Interface (DCII) is designed to deliver an enhanced occupant experience in a space by enabling integrations between Encelium Light Management System and third-party systems. These systems can include room booking systems in offices, AV in lecture halls, or bedside controls in hospital patient care rooms.

Based on the dry contact signal, the Encelium system sets lighting scenes that can include intensity or color temperature. The DCII can also use momentary hold signals to enable raise/lower functionality.


  • Provides 6 separate isolated dry contacts
  • Receive single event signal to turn on, turn off, recall a scene, change color temperature, or change shade position
  • Receive momentary hold to raise/lower lighting intensity, color temperature (CCT), or set shade position
  • Push-in terminal blocks enable quick wiring and installation

System Infrastructure & Accessories