Encelium X

Sophisticated Lighting Controls Made Remarkably Simple

Encelium X, our flagship solution, brings you a complete light management system that includes our intuitive Polaris software and a wide range of networked system devices, from advanced sensors to easy-to-use keypads. Encelium X includes everything you need for exceptional lighting control today — and it adapts effortlessly to grow in the future.

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  • Flexibility — Encelium X is all about flexibility — from a choice of system designs (wireless, wired, or hybrid) to the freedom to choose any luminaire. And no matter what solution you choose, you’ll get impressive value today and even more in the future.
  • Fast installation — No matter what system design you choose, Encelium X makes installation simple and easy. Electrical contractors can complete installation, testing, and commissioning quickly, so occupants can move right in.
  • Intuitive use — The latest, most advanced Polaris software is more intuitive and easier to use, thanks to renewed workflows, multi-device access, and other enhancements.

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