Encelium Wireless Manager

Wireless Manager

Encelium X Wireless Manager

The Encelium X Wireless Manager is the central intelligence point in the system for wireless devices. It collects information from photo sensors, occupancy sensors, and wallstations to enable multiple lighting control strategies. It then determines appropriate brightness levels or ON/OFF status for each luminaire and zone

The Wireless Manager communicates via a mesh network based on Zigbee® standards. Each Manager must be connected to an Ethernet (PoE) Network Switch using standard Cat-5 or greater Ethernet data cabling. Wireless Managers typically control individual floors and are linked via an Ethernet Network back to the lighting control network.

The Encelium X Wireless Manager is an ioXt Certified Product.


  • Encelium X Wired Manager is an ioXt Certified Product
  • Control up to 100 wireless devices in a space
  • Sleek and high aesthetic design with simple mounting for ceilings or walls
  • Can be combined with the Encelium Wired Manager for a combined wired and wireless hybrid solution
  • Simple connection by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) with Dual PoE ports for daisy-chaining Wireless Managers