Encelium X System Software

Polaris Software is at the core of Encelium X — empowering facility managers and enabling the Encelium Experience.

Polaris Monitor — Designed specifically for facilities managers, our advanced Polaris Monitor software is intuitive and easy to use. It serves as the day-to-day window into all aspects of your Encelium X system, enabling you to monitor conditions, get insights, and make any necessary changes — quickly and easily.

Polaris Config — Configuration is the first step towards your complete Encelium X light management system. We recognize its importance with Polaris Config, special software that helps make the process faster and easier. Once the system is configured, the initial work of Polaris Config is done. When you’re ready to enhance or expand your system, Polaris Config is ready to help.


  • Information at a Glance — The Polaris software dashboard view gives you a clear view of your entire building or campus
  • Easy to Navigate — With the Polaris floor plan view it’s easy to navigate an entire building, so you can monitor conditions and adjust as needed
  • Troubleshooting to Go — Multi-device access with Polaris software lets you troubleshoot with ease from your laptop or mobile device—and from wherever you are
  • Insights Made Easy — Polaris provides advanced reporting capabilities that give you deeper insights into power consumption, savings, occupancy, and more

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