Good News for Electricians: Latest Encelium X Enhancements Simplifies Installation and Accelerates Occupancy

Oct 28, 2021  |  Share

It’s not an easy time for electrical contractors. There’s a severe shortage of skilled labor, thanks to experienced electricians retiring and fewer apprentices entering the trade. Product supply chain delays and the continued fallout from the pandemic are disrupting installations. Meanwhile, demand for skilled electricians — and the critical services that they provide — is at an all-time high. These factors and more are making a tough job even harder.

Enhancing the Encelium Experience

Encelium is helping electrical contractors make fast progress even during challenging times by adding significant enhancements to Encelium X, its flagship lighting control solution. It’s part of Encelium’s commitment to creating an exceptional experience for electrical contractors — as well as facility managers, building owners, architects, designers, and tenants.

Streamlining installation testing

Installing lighting controls can be a complicated task, performed only by a skilled electrician. But Encelium makes sophisticated lighting controls simple, from installation to commissioning to day-to-day use. The latest enhancements to Encelium X make installing and wiring lighting controls faster and easier by simplifying the crucial testing stage, when electricians ensure that their work is working — and must quickly correct any issues, from AC wiring to switched lines.

Encelium X Installation Testing

Once an area is wired and powered, pressing any button on either a sensor or wallstation provides confirmation of correct electrical and dimming wiring.

Delivering push-button convenience

Encelium X already streamlines wiring with its innovative, intuitive GreenBus two-wire communication topology, which supplies power and data to the Encelium system. Now it simplifies and speeds the testing process. During installation, electricians can simply press any button on a wallstation or sensor and the entire wiring channel will respond, providing visual confirmation (lights dimming and brightening) that all is well. Electricians can go from room to room, quickly ensuring that an area or an entire installation is wired correctly and fully operational — and making any necessary changes.

Because the testing process is so simple, it doesn’t require highly skilled workers. And accurate testing prepares the site for commissioning when correcting issues can be more labor-intensive and disruptive.

Gaining basic lighting control in minutes

The new enhancements to Encelium X also enable electricians to quickly and easily provide basic lighting controls to a site and its occupants. By just using the buttons on a wallstation electricians can pair devices quickly and easily — without requiring a commissioning tool (tablet, mobile phone, or PC) or software. This out-of-the-box convenience lets electricians get sites up and running. And it lets building owners and tenants get temporary occupancy certificates, which require basic lighting controls — and which let them start using their space sooner.

Enabling basic lighting control allows large projects to proceed in phases, without waiting for the entire site to be completed. For example, tenants can start using one side of a school building or one area of a multi-floor office tower installation. This capability is particularly important during a time when buildings are being partitioned differently based on shifting needs (e.g., more people working from home), and when full projects may take longer to complete due to supply chain issues.

Once an area is wired and powered, pressing any button on either a sensor or wallstation provides luminaire paring and confirmation.

The Encelium Experience is for all

With these new Encelium X capabilities, electrical contractors can complete more installations more quickly. They can ensure high-quality work, even with less-experienced workers. But the impact stretches further, enabling architects and designers to make faster progress, giving building owners and managers new flexibility, and making great lighting controls available to new tenants. That’s the Encelium Experience — now with new enhancements that make it even more exceptional.

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