New Encelium X Features Enhance the Customer Experience

Jun 6, 2022  |  Share

Introducing Encelium X Event History — Enhancing the way customers manage their systems.

Encelium X empowers customers to easily monitor, maintain, and control their lighting systems. Encelium X Release 4.0, enhances this experience with a new facility manager focused Event History Module. Polaris Monitor will now include an exhaustive, easily searchable/filterable list of alarms, alerts, and events that have occurred in the system. This Event History Module is easily accessible from the Polaris Monitor dashboard, allowing a facility manager to review their system’s history in one convenient location quickly. Login events, device failures, and zone status changes are just a few of the events recorded in the Event History Module.

A facility manager can also keep track of items they have already addressed by adding a comment to any listed event. This new module works seamlessly with advanced permissions providing a user only the list of events that pertain to the areas they have access to.  

Encelium X Optimizes Commissioning Time With New Start-Up Features

Part of the Encelium Experience is how efficiently and seamlessly an Encelium X system can be commissioned. General and Electrical Contractors constantly strive to meet deadlines and require a hassle-free system that can be installed and commissioned quickly. Release 4.0 includes optimizations for time-consuming commissioning operations, such as the Daylight Sensor calibration/fixture linearization. This optimization enables technicians to start-up projects much more quickly, allowing more time to support the contractors with installation questions — ultimately, get off-site faster.