Introducing Encelium X

May 19, 2021  |  Share

Encelium X: Sophisticated Light Management Made Simple

The next-generation solution brings new capabilities, more value, and an enhanced experience to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, office buildings, and commercial properties.

BOSTON, MA. May 19, 2021. Encelium — the leading innovator in lighting controls — launched Encelium X, its flagship solution for advanced but easy-to-use light management. “We’re excited to see Encelium X out in the world,” said Amit Parpani, global product marketing manager at Encelium. “With Encelium X, we make lighting controls easy to select, install, monitor, and use today — and expand effortlessly in the future. Encelium X makes lighting more: more controlled, flexible, sophisticated, and user-friendly.”

Creating the Encelium Experience
Encelium X’s advanced features enhance the experience of everyone who interacts with lighting controls. Designers, consultants, and architects get more freedom to choose the luminaire types they want, thanks to Encelium X’s openness and flexibility. Electrical contractors get smart, modular components that speed wiring and commissioning and let them complete installations in less time. Building owners retrofitting their properties rely on Encelium X to lower energy use and raise efficiency. At the same time, it brings remarkable adaptability to new construction, integrating smoothly today and evolving as needs change. Building and facility managers can control extensive facilities with less staff, lowering operational costs. And tenants and occupants get bright, easily controlled light that helps them work, teach, learn, heal, and more.

Behind the Encelium Experience: Dozens of innovations
“Encelium X is a robust new platform that represents a big step forward for our customers,” says Parpani. “We’ve improved key functionality and added new capabilities, as well as raising reliability and security to their highest levels.”

Building managers will notice a fresh new Polaris software interface, which provides quick, easy access to critical information about a building that relies on Encelium X. At a glance, users can see the status and occupancy of various areas, check current energy use, adjust schedules, run reports, and much more, all from the intuitive Polaris dashboard, which Encelium engineers designed based on user feedback.

With Polaris, users will require less training, be more efficient, and have critical capabilities at their fingertips — at the office or while working remotely. New mobile enhancements enable managers to access Polaris via phone or tablet.

Encelium X offers significant benefits
Encelium X is luminaire-agnostic so that it can integrate any luminaire, sensor, or other components. Users can choose a wired, wireless, or hybrid topology, matching the specific needs of their project and building(s). And Encelium offers a comprehensive solution for exceptional light management, including user interfaces, sensors, distributed load controllers, managers, system infrastructure and accessories, panel solutions, and more.

Keeping the transition smooth
Encelium X is a significant technological advance that boosts reliability, security, and ease of use. However, it’s completely compatible with existing hardware and previous Encelium solutions. So current Encelium customers can transition to Encelium X quickly and easily.

Encelium is part of Digital Lumens, Inc.
At Digital Lumens, Inc., our sole focus is on helping people by improving the facilities where they work, learn, heal. We use our proven technology and deep expertise to transform the way our customers illuminate, monitor, and manage key facilities — including industrial facilities, offices, and other commercial buildings, healthcare centers, and educational campuses. Our two innovative, dynamic brands — Encelium and Digital Lumens — use their proven solutions to help diverse areas of the marketplace get impressive results and achieve their missions.

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