Encelium X is DLC Listed

May 16, 2022  |  Share

Digital Lumens, Inc. announced today that the Encelium X Advanced Lighting Control System is now Design Lights Consortium (DLC) listed to meet the requirements of the Qualified Product List (QPL) for Network Lighting Controls (NLC).

Encelium X brings users a complete advanced lighting control system that includes the intuitive Polaris software and a wide range of networked system devices, from advanced sensors to easy-to-use keypads. Encelium X provides everything needed for exceptional lighting control today — and it adapts effortlessly to grow in the future.

Flexibility is the hallmark of Encelium X. It’s fantastic for renovation as well as new construction. It’s right for buildings of all sizes. And while other solution providers lock you in to using specific luminaires, the Encelium system is compatible with all luminaires.

Polaris software is at the core of Encelium X — empowering facility managers and enabling the Encelium Experience. Polaris Monitor software is intuitive and easy to use thanks to advanced workflows, multi-device and remote access, and many other enhanced features.

The Qualified Product List (QPL) for Network Lighting Controls (NLC) categories met include Networking, Occupancy Sensing, Daylight Harvesting, High-End Trim, Zoning, Individual Luminaire Addressability, Continuous Dimming, Scheduling, Energy Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics, User Interface, Personal Control, Load Shedding/Demand Response, Plug Load Control, External Systems Integration, Emergency Lighting, Cybersecurity, Color Changing/Tuning, Scene Control, and more.

Visit the Design Lights Consortium website to learn more.