New Encelium X Enhancements Give Facility Managers Even More Powerful, Easy-to-use Capabilities 

Dec 10, 2021  |  Share

Constant change is the new normal for facility managers and their buildings. The pandemic has radically altered the way buildings are used, requiring quick adjustments to the configuration of offices, floors, buildings, and entire campuses. Facility managers have to make rapid changes — including adjusting the lighting — to mirror shifting occupancy and use of office buildings, healthcare facilities, and educational campuses.

Enhancing the Encelium Experience with new capabilities

Encelium is empowering facility managers to make changes quickly and easily, with a robust set of enhancements to Encelium X, its flagship lighting control management controls solution. These new capabilities help facility managers make significant changes in lighting control that take minutes, not hours while ensuring that tenants are comfortable and productive and that new occupants can move in quickly.

“At Encelium, we’re committed to creating an exceptional experience for facility managers — as well as building owners, architects, electricians, and tenants,” says Amit Parpani, global product marketing manager at Encelium. “Our latest enhancements to Encelium X reflect our commitment to developing and delivering new capabilities that respond to their changing needs — and the demands of the ever-evolving marketplace.”

Making life easier for today’s facility managers

The enhancements and new features reflect Encelium’s deep knowledge of facility managers’ needs. For example, advanced user permissions assign managers to specific areas or buildings, a capability that simplifies management of multi-building sites (e.g., colleges or school districts) or multi-tenant buildings (e.g., high-rise office towers). Now facility managers can focus on the zones they are responsible for, and building owners can be confident that only authorized users have control over these areas.

Adding important features to Polaris software

The latest enhancements also bring new, easy-to-use features to Encelium X’s Polaris Monitor software, used by facility managers to monitor conditions, get insights, and make necessary changes. Simplified area naming lets facility managers keep the names of specific areas current, even as tenants/occupants change or the use of the space evolves. New zone status colors let facility managers see the status of all areas at a glance, highlighting areas that are functioning correctly as well as those that need immediate attention. Now Polaris can provide facility managers with even more information on its highly intuitive, visually-driven dashboard.

These new features make Polaris Monitor more powerful while ensuring that day-to-day use is easy and intuitive, saving time and reducing stress. And if necessary, facility managers now have fast access to Polaris Config configuration software and its advanced capabilities on demand — without needing to install it.

Boosting performance and increasing security

Encelium also introduced a broad selection of other enhancements to Encelium X, including significant performance improvements for large systems and other changes driven by requests from current users.

For seamless integration with building management systems, the latest Encelium X is now certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) — including a protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS).

And Encelium X now includes security improvements, which enabled it to pass the stringent GSA Security Audit — a critical capability during an era of malware attacks and security breaches.

The Encelium Experience is for all

With these wide-ranging new Encelium X capabilities, facility managers can manage fast-changing office buildings, healthcare centers, and campuses. But they also get the flexibility necessary to ensure that all occupants get the appropriate, adjustable lighting (and controls) they need. While tenants and occupants may come and go, they all share a common need — a great experience. And now, with the latest enhancements to Encelium X, the exceptional Encelium Experience is even better for tenants, facility managers, and others.

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