Encelium X is BACnet Certified

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The BACnet standard was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to meet the communication needs of building automation and control systems. Applications include:

  • Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control
  • Fire, life safety, and security systems
  • Energy management
  • Lighting control
  • Physical access control
  • Elevator monitoring systems

The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms by which computerized equipment of arbitrary function may exchange information, regardless of the particular building service it performs. As a result, the BACnet protocol can be used by mobile and cloud-hosted devices, head-end computers, general-purpose direct digital controllers, and application-specific or unitary controllers with equal effect.

Encelium X and BACnet

The Encelium X advanced lighting control system also performs energy management and is exceptionally suited to be integrated with a Building Automation System (BAS).

The Encelium X BACnet Interface integrates with any BACnet compatible Building Automation System. The interface resides in the Encelium X SSU, does not require additional hardware (such as BACnet routers), operates autonomously, and provides access to lighting and sensor statuses and control via BACnet. The Encelium X and BAS connection is established via BACnet/IP.

Encelium X BACnet interface

The Encelium X BACnet interface simplifies the integration with other BACnet IP-enabled Building Automation Systems by leveraging the existing building IT infrastructure.

Encelium X BACnet interface allows facility managers to collect information from individual devices (like occupancy and daylight sensors, drivers, and ballasts) and individual spaces (like light levels, energy, and occupancy status) into their building automation systems.

This information is leveraged in the building automation system’s data analytics capabilities to gain deeper insights into their spaces.

The interface allows facility managers to enable BACnet compliant sub-systems (such as building automation systems) to change the light levels (switching and dimming) for individual luminaires, zones, and areas.

In addition, reporting of occupancy sensor status, reporting daylight readings obtained by photosensors, and triggering a load shedding demand response is available.

Encelium X advanced lighting control system is certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL)

As Encelium X conforms to the BACnet protocol, a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) document is available at the BACnet International’s BACnet Testing Laboratories website that defines the specific requirements met. This statement provides a buyer or user with an understanding of the interface capabilities and the confidence that it meets their needs.

Click here to view the Encelium X PICS document

Adoption of key standards and protocols, such as BACnet — and ensuring ongoing compliance with them — reflects our strong commitment to keeping all Encelium X solutions open, connected, scalable, and secure.