20 Years of Encelium

Aug 9, 2021  |  Share

Encelium 20
Entering its third decade stronger than ever

A couple of decades can seem like an eon in a fast-changing world. Yes, the marketplace was well-aware of the need to reduce energy use and increase sustainability when Encelium was founded in 2001. But sustainability has grown exponentially important now that the critical challenges of climate change dominate the news cycles and public consciousness. As it begins its third decade, we explore how Encelium is well-positioned for continued growth and success.

Since its founding, Encelium has been quietly transforming healthcare centers, office buildings, educational institutions, and commercial properties with advanced light management systems. Its advanced solutions reduce energy use by buildings while ensuring comfort and safety for people inside. These capabilities seem all the more important — even prescient — in a time when businesses and buildings are facing aggressive sustainability targets. And when staying safe within interior spaces is more important than ever.

Fueling growth with technological innovation
Over the years, Encelium has expanded and deepened the capabilities of its advanced lighting controls, enabling new levels of energy efficiency, while raising comfort, safety, and control. In short, Encelium continues to innovate and evolve, adopting and creating vital new technologies.

For example, Encelium X, its latest and most advanced system, is simple to install and intuitive to use, making it even easier for customers to make major leaps in comfort and control, energy efficiency, and sustainability. New innovations in wireless systems, LED lighting, advanced controls, and reporting are also part of the extensive Encelium portfolio.

Expanding its footprint around the world
Encelium has conducted successful projects in more than thirty countries, from the US, Canada, and Mexico to Israel, China, and South Africa. These projects cover more than 100 million square feet and include multiple millions of light nodes, now controlled by Encelium. They’re saving significant amounts of energy every day, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of Encelium buildings—and the planet.

Inspiring the Encelium Experience
The Encelium Experience is much more than a marketing slogan. It’s a concept driven by Encelium customers. They characterize working with Encelium — and selecting, installing, and using its solution day after day — as an exceptional experience.
Yes, advanced lighting controls that make everyone’s life better and brighter, from installers to occupants. But they also get a rare combination of simplicity, flexibility, and confidence. That’s the Encelium Experience. And it will continue to guide Encelium as it works with customers, old and new, throughout the world.

Staying true to its roots
The world will certainly continue to evolve, along with buildings, customers, and their needs. But it’s clear that Encelium remains true to its roots as it enters its third decade of increasing energy efficiency and sustainability — and providing an exceptional experience to its ever-increasing customer base.

Encelium is part of Digital Lumens, Inc., which includes two innovative, dynamic brands — Encelium and Digital Lumens — that use proven technology and deep expertise to transform the way the world illuminates, monitors, and manages key facilities, including industrial facilities, offices, and other commercial buildings, healthcare centers, and educational campuses.