The Encelium Experience is for all. From architects to electricians, facility managers to building owners. From office buildings to healthcare facilities to educational institutions to commercial properties. All benefit from the powerful combination of sophisticated capabilities and ease of use. And everyone can be confident that their Encelium system will deliver great results, quickly and easily.

We make lighting more. More controlled. More flexible. More sophisticated. More user-friendly. And easily expanded to more areas. Because we believe that lighting controls should be easy to select, install, monitor, and use today — and to expand effortlessly in the future.

That’s the Encelium Experience. Sophisticated light management made simple.

The Encelium Experience – NA
The Encelium Experience – Eurasia

Where does the Encelium Experience happen?

You’ll find advanced Encelium solutions where people heal, learn, work, collaborate, shop, play, and much more. See how we’re bringing the Encelium Experience to places where exceptional lighting and advanced controls make a real difference.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Healthcare Facilities
    Healthcare Facilities

    Keeping patients and caregivers healthy and comfortable

    We help healthcare facilities create comfortable environments that reduce stress and aid recovery. Our carefully controlled lighting — including unrivaled color temperature accuracy and smart dimming — delivers physiological and biological benefits that help patients recover more quickly. As more and more healthcare facilities recognize the importance of controlling and optimizing light, the Encelium system provides the answer — the right light for a healthy experience.

    • Bedside control. The Encelium system integrates seamlessly with any bedside control system, allowing patients to control their lighting.
    • Be ready for emergencies. Integration with code blue systems turns lights to the desired level immediately — guiding staff members.
    • Empower doctors. Configurable keypads with colored buttons or engravings allow doctors on rounds to change the lighting of a space quickly — with a single press of a button.
    • Tune all day. Time-scheduled events provide a new level of automation, letting you tune lighting in key areas throughout the day.
    • Create comfort. Promote positive outcomes with lighting that feels natural and comforting to all patients and staff.
    • Ensure privacy. Integrated control of blackout shades from our partner Somfy keeps recovery rooms comfortable and private.
  • Educational Institutions

    Education Institutions
    Educational Institutions

    Creating the right environment for learning

    From K-12 to higher ed, schools and universities of all sizes share a common need—to create a comfortable, safe environment where students can learn, play, and grow. Encelium provides high-quality, flexible light — including tunable white light — that creates the right environment in classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, common areas, and more. The result? An enhanced experience for students and staff.

    • Adjust seamlessly. Intuitive keypads give teachers and other staff easy-to-use, manual control of lighting to suit specific tasks—from reading to watching a presentation.
    • Keep occupants safe. Integration with fire alarm systems ensures that if a fire alarm is triggered, all lights go on full — guiding occupants toward exits. Integration with other emergency systems ensures safe lighting during any situation.
    • Let the sun in. With integrated shading from our North America partner Somfy, natural and artificial light work seamlessly together, creating a comfortable learning environment while saving energy by harnessing sunlight.
  • Office Buildings

    Office Buildings

    Delivering comfort, safety, and energy efficiency

    Today’s offices are evolving to adapt to new ways of working. We empower building managers with a remarkable degree of control over all aspects of lighting, making it easy to adjust to changing needs, schedules, and configurations. With the Encelium system, office workers experience great lighting — and a comfortable, safe environment that’s conducive to personal productivity and team collaboration.

    • Stay in sync. Accurate color temperature control keeps employees in balance with their circadian rhythm.
    • Ensure comfort and safety — always. Comfort dimming keeps workspaces, common areas, and corridors lit appropriately — even with unpredictable schedules and people working after hours.
    • Take control — manually and touchless. Occupancy sensors and time-scheduled events can turn on lights automatically. Or intuitive keypads allow seamless manual control.
    • Harvest daylight. With our North America partner Somfy, we offer window shading integration that enables offices to meld natural and artificial light seamlessly together for enhanced occupant comfort. Simplify occupant interaction, increase connection to the outdoors and reduce glare — while simplifying maintenance and boosting energy efficiency.
    • Ensure integration. The Encelium system is BTL-certified to ensure seamless integration with your building management system (BMS). By sharing occupancy data, it enables HVAC systems to optimize performance during normal operation — and perform variable load shedding to save energy during peak periods. All while ensuring occupant comfort.
  • Commercial Properties

    Enhancing diverse properties with exceptional light management

    The Encelium light management system is known for its flexibility, so our customers bring its exceptional capabilities to a wide range of commercial properties — including shopping malls, hotels, airport terminals, industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics centers, data centers, and transportation hubs. These properties and many more benefit from Encelium X’s easy installation, intuitive use, and sophisticated but simple-to-use capabilities.

    • Right for all. From small properties to large-scale projects, Encelium X is the right choice for exceptional light, tenant comfort, and energy efficiency.
    • Enhance any property. No matter what its function, any commercial property can benefit from the Encelium light management system — from hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality installations to shopping malls to transportation terminals. Encelium X’s exceptional flexibility means it can meet diverse design and aesthetic requirements.
    • Adapt and evolve. Encelium X adapts effortlessly to multiple environments and uses. It’s a great choice for mixed-use buildings or developments. And as these properties change and grow, Encelium X is ready.