Hyatt Place Emeryville/San Francisco Bay achieves a welcoming atmosphere for guests while meeting corporate guidelines


The Hyatt Place Emeryville/San Francisco Bay Area hotel is designed around the needs of the modern international traveler. Situated on the Bay overlooking San Francisco, it is a casual, chic hotel located within minutes of many of the Bay area’s popular attractions. Designed with a community atmosphere, it boasts relaxing rooms, warm service and features an open environment where the reception area, lobby, social lounge, bar, and breakfast area all flow together.

Since its opening in 2016, the hotel consistently receives 4-5 star traveler ratings. When designing this stylish new hotel, the team of electrical contractors, building managers, and construction specifiers sought an advanced light management system that would provide ultimate flexibility in lighting control for optimum guest comfort and adherence to Hyatt’s stringent corporate brand lighting guidelines.

After evaluating various solutions, the team chose the Encelium Light Management System for centralized lighting control of interior common spaces and the building’s exterior site. The first-floor lobby, social lounge, bar, breakfast area, conference rooms, fitness area, corridors, and elevator lobbies on all floors, leverage a range of lighting control strategies in compliance with Hyatt standards in meeting guest comfort, worker productivity, and energy efficiency/cost control. The Encelium System also controls the exterior site lighting including the hotel’s entryway, patio, walkways, and carport area. Combining interior common space and building site lighting into a centralized control system streamlines management tasks.

Several key features and functions of the Encelium System particularly resonate with the hospitality industry including Hyatt Place, Emeryville. Hospitality is all about the experience, and quality dimming plays a key role in creating that all-important mood and atmosphere. The Encelium System has native phase-cut dimming functionality that enables smooth transitions across different perceived light levels and Hyatt Place, Emeryville has leveraged this capability in multiple common spaces.

From a system management perspective, the Encelium Polaris software enables facility managers to see an entire facility in a convenient snapshot. Using Polaris software, staff can navigate to a desired control zone easily-right down to an individual light or node on the network enabling them to address any issues quickly.

Changes are constant when designing new spaces and Hyatt Place, Emeryville’s new build was no exception. The actual fixture scheme for installation differed dramatically from the final drawing. For instance, a giant chandelier made out of bicycle wheels was a last-minute addition to the lobby. Although different lights ended up being used than initially specified, the flexibility of the Encelium System meant the impact was low and the bill of materials for the new lighting could be adapted quickly in real-time.

“The Encelium System was the one system we didn’t have to worry about on opening day. The installation was smooth and it was up and running without any problems. And, we’ve found the flexibility of the system a real plus.”
-Angel Rivera, Chief Engineer

The Encelium System helps Hyatt Place, Emeryville provide a welcoming atmosphere for its guests. The first-floor community areas utilize pre-set lighting scenes to ensure appropriate light levels from morning to afternoon to evening, seven days a week. The modern design of the hotel lobby and bar area includes floor-to-ceiling glass enabling the hotel to take full advantage of natural light and a daylight harvesting strategy for energy management.

The numerous ambient, accent, and task lighting throughout the bar are controlled by the Encelium System creating lighting to match guest activities in the space. Sixteen zones are used to individually tune lights near the bar, and lighting for tables and booths can be adjusted using pre-set scenes depending upon how the space is being used.

The Hyatt Place employs additional lighting control strategies that improve both guest comfort and security while saving energy. For example, the exterior lighting utilizes the Encelium System’s astronomic time clock which automatically adjusts for sunrise, sunset, and even daylight savings time, saving facility personnel the effort of adjustments and ensuring the grounds are always well lit for guest safety.

The Encelium System success at Hyatt Place Emeryville/San Francisco Bay Area prompted the selection of another Encelium System at the Hyatt Place located at 701 3rd Street in San Francisco.