SSU Virtual

System Support Unit Virtual

To support client IT requirements, the Encelium Light Management system can enable a virtual server.

All functionalities of a standard hardware System Support Unit (SSU) can reside on a client server. This eliminates the need for dedicated server hardware.

The virtual server acts as the database for all data related to an Encelium X system installed in a facility. It stores all system settings and parameters, including attributes for zones, luminaires, sensors, zone controllers, and scene controllers. It also logs historical data regarding the system’s operational and energy savings results.

For installations without an existing server or who require a dedicated lighting management system can utilize the standard Encelium SSU.


  • All lighting system data and settings are stored on the client-server: schedules, load shedding, demand response, light levels, and reporting
  • Enables secure/remote access to configure, analyze and troubleshoot the system
  • Utilizes existing client server hardware, eliminating the need for a dedicated server

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